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A tast of some of the participants



    Land Rover    

     Police & police cadets - Activities       

     Fire service & fire cadets - Activities    

    BBMF - Lancaster

    Glider FX Display team

    Lauren Richardson Airshows   

    AeroSPARX Dislay team

    CTC Aviation Training

    RAF Recruitement

    Aviation Skils Partnership

    Amateur Radio ( HB) 

    Police Helicopter 22

    Helicentre Aviation

    Flyflight - Sywell

    Model Helicopters + simulator

    Model Jets

    Balloons (including Swatch Balloon) 

    Paragliders - CM Paramotors

    BGA glider sim

    Red Duo - Red Arrows


    Electric Glider

    Jet Glider

    Motor Gliders

    GA planes

    Hovercraft - Axceler-8

    Tanks and Military Vehicles - Armourgeddon

    Classic Cars

    Air Ambulance Static Display

    Refreshments and Food

    Static Displays

    Classic Chipmunks

    Air Cadet Activities

    Scouting Activities


    LAA Educational Trust

    The Spirit of Goole Project  

    (In partnership with Vulcan to the Sky, Aviation Skills Partnership and Peel Airports Management)



The Gliding Club

Air Cadets



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